Broadly, my field of interest includes macroscale ecology, biogeochemistry, and remote sensing. I am particularly fascinated in the properties and dynamics that emerge at these larger landscape scales, and how they scale or change when compared with finer scale in-situ observation. The ecosystems that I currently conduct my research in include tropical forests, temperate grasslands and temperate savannas.



Grassland-Woodland Ecotone Dynamics

I am interested in the competitive dynamics between ecosystems co-dominated by both herbaceous and tree species and how these systems will respond to future changes. Particularly, I am curious about the mechanisms behind the wide-spread phenomenon of woody plant expansion and how that influences carbon and nitrogen cycling. 

2012 - 2016

Loyola Marymount University

B.S. in Environmental Engineering;

minor in Applied Mathematics.

Tropical Forest Dynamics

Having the experience to travel to Trinidad and add to a 30-year, 28,000 stem data set, has been an honor since one of my largest interests is forest succession and dynamics. In particular, the degree to which N-fixers influence these tropical forests has been of particular interest to me recently. Whether N-fixer positively influence dynamics via increased N-supply or negatively via superior competive abilities is a fascinating and open question.

Recent Trends in Vegetative Greening

I am curious about the global changes in vegetative productivity, particularly with respect to grassland ecosystems. My particular focus surrounds what is driving these changes and how these changes in vegetative productivity influence ecosystem biogeochemistry and function.

2016 - present

Montana State University

Ph.D. in Ecology and Environmental Science

Montana State University

Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences

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